Monday, July 24, 2017


Directionless, chasing you over broken pavements
Questioning every move every emotion
Every sentiment 
Darkness grows darker
Tripping and Stumbling over rocks you left
Broken bridges am trying to mend
But burnt my hands in making promises 
Hurts every word
more than the wound I can give myself 

I can break into million pieces 
With a hope to whole our fate
But shattered without knowing my fault 
Blamed myself unaware of what 

Directionless, Am chasing you 
Till darkness eats my heart
I follow till I lost you at a distance.
Fog's getting thicker
Skipping a beat every minute 
Can't see, can't breathe 
Lost I was, jus kept sobbing.
Cold and haunting 
Your indifference towards me
Don't know why, don't know what
I did to deserve this?

Directionless, I chased you in zigzag 
Lost myself, lost my last bit of life 
Scarred my soul and broke my spirit 
All in an attempt 
To make us whole.

I fought against the odds 
Only to lose the war
I fought so much 
Now don't have the will to survive.

Directionless, I chased you
For once you call me your own.
You can condemn or curse
All I need was a single word.
But discarded and despaired 
You left me hurt 
on the broken sidewalks.
Passed by like you don't know me
Left me to my fate,
Left me breathless.
Don't know if this is how it all ends
Or is it jus a part of long pauses

I close my eyes now
To take my last breath 
Or tomorrow a life waiting 
For us to be whole again.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


-- In Memories of Chester Bennington

Mortality is so overrated
I think of leaving this world
Wrapped in despair
Some believe it’s cowardly to Quit
But it takes lot of will to bleed

Every time I hear those voices
Every time they scream into my ears
Every cell in my body freezes
And I keep deciding

Shall I bleed
Shall I choke
grasping for life
How I feel
What I feel
Is it worst
Than what I can do to myself.

My tears rolling down my cheek
Feels like earth slipped out of my feet
No Soul to turn to
No shoulder to lay and rest

So I decide this is my final day
And that moment is all it takes
So I decide I need to bleed
Let the bad blood drain
I search crazily
For an incentive
Something sharp
To cut through my vein
Give me rest
Forever from this fate

I picked a blade
Rusted and deteriorated
I push it through my skin
I cried I cried
Tears kept rolling
Pain too intense
My heart or my vein’s bleeding.
Gushing blood and pain intensifying

So I quit
Leaving only this wound
Later to turn into scar
A reminder 
how far I went
A reminder how weak I am

I chose to live again
I chose to give up to my physical pain
To breath again
Cowardly breath air
Cowardly breath live
And next moment am in my senses 
am in a fight
Fight to survive
My will completely broken
And am opening my door to the night

This was a week back
And today my life moves on
I hear about you suddenly 
Been long since you shared a song 
Didn’t know I will hear from you like this
You chose to quit
Quit on me, on us
You are gone, jus’ like that.

Leaving the world mute
Speechless without a word 
Stunt, shocked
and numb forever 

I will not hear you live
But your songs will still be undying
Your voice will echo
And you’ll remembered
by every broken soul
Mortality is so overrated
but you’re a legend
and you’re going be Alive.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

LCO Says So

Sometimes Quitting is the right thing to do to start something New.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday, April 24, 2017

LCO Says So

A Snake can change its scales a thousand times but still it'll be a snake.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Charcoal Buddha

LCO Says So

20/Apr'17 : You don't have to fire a gun to be a Hero.

19/Apr'17 : Jus' wearing "Being Human" t-shirt doesn't make anyone human being, compassion does.